You can not stop his train! Yuriy Gurzhy’s regular Friday streams from Panda theater, Berlin.

An unstopable troubadour – Yuriy Gurzhy!

Since the begining of the pandemic, he is regularly straming his DJ sets on Friday nights from the Belrin based P.A.N.D.A theater. As always, he is doing his best to present the 2020 Troubadours project and underline the cooperations he gained from it. Lets say that Yuriy and Rumbaristas developed a natural and genuine bound. Don’t miss his next livestream, dedicated to the Liberation Day – today at 21:00 CET!



Not to be missed also, Bar Mundial Casa DJ sessions #1 – #6! Lunatic and beautiful mixes from DJ Piet (Decoster) and his family, to keep the spirits high!