Who are the Troubadours who visited Etnofest in Serbia?

The surrounding of the Lake Palić in the very north of Serbia, proved to be a really nice place to host a world music festival. its name is – Etnofest. The place is well known for all project partners, as they had various cooperation through diverse previous cultural projects.

This time the Creative Europe programme serves as an umbrella for activities which aim to foster the transnational mobility of artists, more precisely, “créme de la créme” of the current world music scene in Europe, who are heading towards the 16th Etnofest. The 2020 Troubadours involvement in the festival program included a showcase by Antal Brasnyó & Miroslav Jovančić at the 2nd cultural forum “Places of Echange” held in Contemporary gallery in Subotica, concerts of Antal Brasnyó, Joan Garriga & Madjid Fahem, Rumbaristas ft. David Bourguignon & Yuriy Gurzhy at Great Terraces by the Lake Palić, and a Trouba Lab session on the festival’s closing day.

Seems that May and June were packed with the activities of our contemporary 21st century troubadours, so the project is off for summer. At least with some major actions. Project management will have some dissemination activities, i.e. Dejan Vujinović is invited to the Czech Music Crossroads in Ostrava to present the 2020 Troubadours Creative Europe project!