When youngsters meet the experienced troubadours!

October at the Hungarian music scene seems to be hot! It’s a real pity that the 2020 WOMEX in Budapest had to be canceled as a live event and is going only online, but some nice events are taking place at this moment. Luckily, some of the Serbian artists are living in Hungary, and even more luckily, some of the music masters were available to meet young artists for a collaboration.

Please check the social media platforms of our project partner Mediawave, and see detailed program of their October and November events: www.facebook.com/mediawavefestival

Don’t miss the following event in Kajárpéc (HU):

16-17 October, 2020, all day long
– Collaboration session: György Ferenczi and the Rackajam with young troubadours
– Collaboration session: Hungarian and Serbian musicians