Trouba Train Trip on its way!

Under a joint direction of Via Lactea and Flonflons, the first Trouba Train Trip was organized on May 18th, 2019. This complex activity included showcases and concerts of various artists: VETEX, Panienki, Rumbaristas & Yuriy Gurzhy, Joan Garriga, Madjid Fahem & David Bourguignon, Ferenc Kovács, Dániel Dudu Horváth, Tijana Stanković and Antal Brasnyó.

Starting from the Brussels Central station with kind-of-a flash mob activity, hundreds of travelers and passers by were able to experience the essence of our project – cooperation among artists and presentation of the involved partner organizations. On their train trip from Brussels to Tournai, artists started to work on their joint programs, gave interviews to present journalists and played several of their tunes.

The presentation in front of the Tournai train station and in Kortrijk cultural center which was the next stop of the train trip, was attended by large number of people and the good vibe remained all the way to the Trouba Train Trip final destination, the beautiful city of Lille.

Orchestre International du VETEX led the musician march from the train station to Parc Matisse, where a free-of-charge concerts was organized, to present the 2020 Troubadours project. Thousands of people attended, and could enjoy our troubadours music, but also attend the concerts of the events headliners: Salvatore Adamo, Dick Annegarn & Arno!