Project closing – Documentary films online premieres!

The “2020 Troubadours” project reached its final stage, and its just about the right time to rewind the whole story and enjoy the beautiful memories. End of November 2020 is anyway (and unfortunately) the time of mass Covid-19 lockdowns all over Europe, so please mark the dates and the timings for our 2019 and 2020 Trouba Train Trip documentaries! some trailers to spice it up, and in the end, workshops to showcase the collaborations. We go all in, its less then a week to close the project! Here are the links to our Youtube channel online premieres:
– – –
NOV 27 @ 20:15 CET (Friday)
World Music Encounters Across Europe (2019 documentary film)
directed by Renné Miskolci
– – –
NOV 28 @ 20:30 CET (Saturday)
TroubaLab – Brasnyó Antal
directed by Jenő Hartyándi
20:45 CET
The Last Trouba Train Trip (2020 documentary film)
directed by Szabolcs Szarapka
– – –
NOV 29 @ 20:15 CET (Sunday)
2 TroubaLabs and Workshops
directed by Jenő Hartyándi
20:15 CET
TroubaLab – Closing Concert / conductor: György Ferenczi
20:30 CET
Mesics & Brasnyó TroubaLab
– – –
NOV 30 @ 20:00 CET (Monday)
3 Concert collage films
directed by Jenő Hartyándi
20:00 CET
Resti Kornél concert
20:30 CET
Zajnal concert
21:00 CET
György Ferenczi and the Rackas