Our artists

Our interpretation of the contemporary European troubadours is simple: this project deals with world music artists, who use their musical expression to foster the intercultural dialogue across the continent.


Here are some of the keywords one could use to describe these great people touring Europe in this two-year-long project: creative, open, original, travel-ready, ready-to-party, professional…


Joan Garriga is one of the key figures of the Catalan and Spanish pop music of this century. As the main leader of Dusminguet and La Troba Kung-Fú he just created a new genre, rumbia, a formidable mix between gypsy rumba and latin cumbia. Currently working with his new band El Mariatxi Galactic, a powerful combo inspired by the sound of the Mexican norteños. The band includes his old pal Marià Roch on bass, guitarist Madjid Fahem (Manu Chao / La Ventura) and “Rambo” the incredible drummer.


Rumbaristas is a collective consisting of musicians with Spanish, French and Belgian roots. They gathered around the Catalan rumba-player Willy Fuego and the French-Italian-Polish trumpet/accordion-player Thomas Morzewski. Joined by the Belgians Roel Poriau (percussion) and Thomas De Smet (bass), rhythm kings of the crazy Belgian world collective Think of One. Rumbaristas stands for a colorful mix of latin-american flavor, with the passion of the Balkan music. Mix of Catalan rumba and Sicilian tarantella, spiced up with a touch of ska, folk, reggae and cumbia...
David B


A great musician and producer, a troubadour. Frenchman living in Germany. David was a standard member of Manu Chao Radio Bemba, and extensively toured the world with the greatest contemporary troubadour. In recent years he is more focused to the production, where he also built a notable career. He has joined Rumbaristas on several concerts within the 2020 Troubadours project tours, and could be easily listed as the 5th member of this colorful band.


Musician. Songwriter. DJ. Storyteller. Born in Kharkiv, Ukraine and living in Berlin, Yuriy Gurzhy is the founder of the Russendisko, Shtetl Superstars, RotFront and The Disorientalists. He joins our Troubadour project with some style and genuine approach, mostly in collaboration with the Rumbaristas as guitarist and singer, but also with some lucid DJ sets, which include versatile musical genres and party atmosphere. During the spring of 2020 and the corona virus pandemic, his online live DJ sets from Berlin were the ones to keep our project spirits high!
Sara K


Sára Dizna Kovács is a Hungarian multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, interested in spiritual and meditative power of music, as well as Hungarian traditions. She plays classical flute, bansuri, dizi flute, didgeridoo, frame drum, melodika, shakuhachi and various Indian flutes. She appears on stage most often with Samsara Boulevard, but also in various collaborations, which include those with her father – well known Hungarian violinist and trumpeter Ferenc Kovács.


Tijana Stanković is a violinist-vocalist from Serbia. She is a dedicated free improviser, with a background in folk, ethnomusicology and contemporary music. Known for her works in various formations, from solos and duos, to big ensambles such as the Szilárd Mezei Túl a Tiszán Innen or Iancu Dumitrecu Hyperion International ensembles are.


Panienki, musique du monde! They are the newest musical discovery coming from the vivid music scene from the North-French city of Lille. Imagine 5 ladies coming from different backgrounds playing a fantastic and amazing repertoire of Central-European, Latin and French music. You could easily call them the contemporary or Central European version of Zap Mama. Their lives hows are both introspective as festive, their music invites to sing and to dance. Panienki joined out first Train Trip back in May 2019, and are invited by other partners to perform at their festivals.
VETEX resized


The Orchestre International du Vetex isn’t a band out of the blue. More than that, it’s a collective of about 15 musicians, from Flanders, Walloon and the North of France. Since they started up in 2004 in the former textile-plant in the Sint-Jans neighborhood of Kortrijk, the band played more than 800 concerts in a row. From blockparty’s in Wazemmes, Jemappes, Béziers or Stasegem, to big festivals like Couleur Café, La Fête de l’Huma, Dranouter or Esperanzah. From the squares in Sarajevo to the metro in Prague. From the Winter Olympic games in Torino, or Mons 2015 to prestigious jazz-and theater festivals in Graz, Krakow, Niš, Santander or Montreal…From honeymoons to funerals, from street-theater to rock-festivals. Vetex does it all.


Their musical expression could be understood as a fusion between the long esteemed tradition of classical music and the clearly defined folklore legacy, of the colorful community they belong too. Gathered around accordionist Lazar Novkov, they strive for creative simplicity in order to portray the basic flux of emotions transfused into music notation. In the 2020 Troubadours project they performed first as a trio (in Lille, June 2019), but are already invited in their full lineup for some of the events still to come!


Madjid Fahem is a great French guitarist, best known as member of Manu Chao band since 2000. Manu describes Fahem exuberantly as ``a monster, one of the best guitarists in the world``. He is appreciated worldwide for his skills and energy, openness for new collaborations, such as the one with Joan Garriga – which brings him to our contemporary Troubadours family.
Antal Brasnyó, zither


Antal Brasnyó is a great viola and zither player from the province of Vojvodina, Serbia. His Hungarian origins influenced his musical world, but did not bound his creativity: he prefers the live improvisation and welcomes whatever happens in his musical dialogues. For the past 20 years, he was known for his works with famous musicians like Lajkó Félix or Dresch string quartet, but he is now exclusively focusing on his own projects, and especially to his new passion – as a viola maker. Please check the beautiful portrait film (in Hungarian only) about this remarkable European troubadour.


Kovács Ferenc is a well known Hungarian violin and trumpet player, for many decades. Although mostly surrounded by folk music and Bartok influences in his childhood, his father introduced him also jazz. All of these roots will influence his later career. He was a member of Makuz zenekar, in the early eighties he was one of the founders of the Budapest Ragtime Band, member of the Dresch quartet and Tariqa, toured intensively with Balogh Kálmán, but is also known for his own folk band Magony. Among his other interests, we should also mention that Ferenc is a 5th dan master of Kendo.


If we would have to pick and guess now about our troubadour of the future, for sure it would be this remarkable young Hungarian violin player. Dudu has been involved in many previous Mediwave music projects, and he is always open for different collaborations. His main field of interest is the traditional music, which he plays with an incredible touch and emotion, but he is also a great improviser. His collaboration with Antal Brasnyó launched within the 2020 Troubadours project, might be described as a musical brotherhood and perspective unity...
thibault 2


Thibault is a Belgian accordionist, pianist, singer, composer, arranger, artistic director and producer. An artist known for his presence, elegance and virtuosity. The stage is where he naturally belongs, where he releases his blazing energy. He is confident both in world music and jazz, but also classical music as well, and one could clearly see it from the list of his cooperation's, among others with Salif Keita, Mamani Keita, VETEX or even the Symphony Orchestra of Hanoï Opera… Thibault Dille performed a solo act at the opening press conference of our project in Brussels, by the beginning of 2019.