October report: Touring of Rumbaristas and some important project mngt activities

The 2020 Troubadours Creative Europe project has foreseen several artists tours in Central Europe. The mighty Rumbarists band proved to be the most touring troubadours in 2019, visiting several cities and festivals throughout the year: Brussels, Tournai, Kortrijk, Lille, Beveland, Antwerp, Komárom, Lake Balaton, Belgrade, Lake Palić, Novi Sad and in the end Budapest.

The October 2019 part of the tour included the visit to the City of Novi Sad, and in cooperation with the ECC “Novi Sad 2021” foundation – the associated partner of 2020 Troubadours project, Rumbaristas presented their work in the Eđšeg cultural center, in the roam of the Pocket Globe concert series.

Two days after this gig, Rumbaristas arrived to Budapest, and set on fire the audience of the beautiful Budapest Ritmo festival.

The project team used the chance to meet once again, this time in Budapest, and exchange ideas of further cooperation with other festival or project organizers, such as the Balkan Trafik! and Budapest Ritmo are. Piet Decoster of Via Lactea and Dejan Vujinović of Etnofest, are planing their appearance at WOMEX as well later this month, so more dissemination of the 2020 Troubadours could be done.