Last Trouba Train Trip in Serbia and troubadours concerts at 17th Etnofest!

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Etnofest managed to put together a nice program for the closing of project activities in Serbia. It is true that no international touring is possible, nor artists from abroad can join the party, but local artists will tour the Serbo-Hungarian border region and will perform at train stations in Subotica and Serbia. Among them, some well known names for those who followed our posts about the contemporary European troubadours (i.e Frame trio), but also some new names and young musicians on our roster will have a chance to present their music to the audience at the train stations in Sombor and Subotica (RS): Contrabayando, KurtaUtca and more. The Trouba Train Trip will be conducted on Friday 16th of October 2020, on the train line between Subotica and Sombor.

Not to be missed is the troubadours concert streak at the 17th Etnofest world music festival in Palić. The venue for this time is the Abazija Cinema open air space, and the beautiful program is scheduled for Saturday 17th of October 2020, from 13:00 – 18:00 CET. The line up includes some well known names on the European world music scene, but some local musical delicatessen as well. We’ll have a chance to hear some nice fado, gipsy, balkan groove and fusion music:
Duo Meu Fado, Frame Orchestra, Jovančić / Bakoš / Dukić trio, Naked!