3rd meeting of the Troubadours, this time in Lille!

As always by the end of May and beginning of June in past 20 years, the vibrant Wazemmes district of Lille is the place to visit! It is the time of the great Wazemmes l’Accordeon festival, high quality music, good vibe and festive atmosphere. Number of 2020 Troubadours project artists have been invited to work together in a series of Trouba Lab workshops and present their creation to the festival audience. “Le Village W” event included concerts of Joan Garriga & Mariatxi Galàctics, Rumbaristas & Yuriy Gurzhy, Panienki, Frame trio, Sára Dizna Kovács and Dániel Dudu Horváth.

The project team used their chance to have yet another meeting and have good times during the festival.

Next Trouba stop – Serbia!