2020 Troubadours first impressions at the Mediawave festival

Spring time of 2019. brought us some first showcases, Trouba labs and concerts open for wider audience, at the 29th Mediawave festival in Hungary.

Under the direction of Ferenc Kovács, the following artists participated in the first Trouba Lab session and presentation: Tijana Stanković (SRB), Antal Brasnyó (SRB), Dániel Dudu Horváth (HUN), Helga Debreczeni-Kis (HUN), Sára Dizna Kovács (HUN). One could not expect a better location for this activity, then the beautiful Monostori fortress by the Danube river, nor the better scene for the presentation then the St. Pauls island natural banks, where our artists impressed the audience.

The showcases of Zitherandorom, Tijana Stanković and Antal Brasnyó were kind-off-a introduction for the concert of Rumbaristas ft. Yuriy Gurzhy, which took place in the fortress on May 1st 2019. And what a party that was!

The next day, the Belgian Radio Bemba bend had a late night show, to close the program of the 29th Mediawave festival.

All the project staff were present for yet another round of meetings as well.

Thank you beautiful Mediawave, see you next year!